Friday, 17 April 2015

more weaving and embroidery....

It's good to be back with some new projects to share :-)
My weaving experiments are going great and I tried some spinning as well which was totally fun..             
As of now me and my friend are trying to pick up the nuances of warping a loom..

My mother wanted to do a bit of recycling old clothes..            
so we are weaving a mat out of an old saree..

I've started a new freestyle embroidery project which will be suitable for a beginner level class..may be I'll open my studio doors for beginners this summer..                   

I've planned to use shades of red with little yellow ochre and black and a wide variety of stitches..Hope my stylized horse will look handsome :-(

A new cross stitch project..It's an anchor DIY kit which I'd bought 8 years back..too bad I didn't finish it,right?                 
It's a kind of floral wreath/garland pattern but I don't know how this will turn out because there is no color photograph in the kit,only black and white chart is it's going to be a kind of mystery project..

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Stitch tutorial - Battlemented blanket stitch

I had to finish some CQ seams last week so I took my old samplers out,looked for some interesting stitch combination and this stitch caught my attention right away.

Battlemented blanket stitch is stitched with four or more colours/shades of thread.

Step 1 – Thread the needle with first colour and make a row of blanket stitches as shown.

Step 2 – Make another row of blanket stitches slightly below the first one with second colour thread.

Step 3 – Make another row of blanket stitches slightly below the second one with third colour thread.

Step 4 – Make another row of blanket stitches slightly below the third one with fourth colour thread.
                                                                         A pretty simple yet beautiful stitch,isn't it?
Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

blue and white roses

I'm super excited today...
I have finished the blue and white roses cross stitch pattern from Anchor..yay!!!!

a corner...

It's sad to part with a lovely project that has kept my personal stitching time occupied for the past couple of that it's over I have to find another interesting project..

Happy stitching!